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Thread: Best rum Brands India

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    Best rum Brands India

    Hey guys, is there anyone who can help me out with sharing the list related to best and costly rum Brands India??? One of my uncles is in need for it, so please do the needful as soon as possible.

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    Hey Friend,

    Sure I’ll share the list of Run brands in India, I just want to know is your uncle celebrating any party? Anyways I have shared list of Rum Brands as per your request have a look at it

    1. Bacardi’s Watermelon Flavored Rum
    2. Kuya Fusion Rum
    3. Captain Morgan Tattoo
    4. Corcor Premium Rum
    5. Havana Club’s Maximo
    6. 267 Rum Infusions Mango
    7. Trader Vic’s Banana Rum
    8. Cruzan Rum - New Black Cherry Flavor
    9. RedRum is “Murder” spelled backwards

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    Hi friend, even I wish to add some best Rum brands name and the types!!

    1. Bacardi
    2. Banker's Club
    3. Ron Castillo
    4. Blackbeard's
    5. Coco Ribe
    6. Brinley
    7. Bundaberg
    8. Cabana Boy
    9. Captain Morgan
    10. Kilo Kai
    11. Castillo
    12. Brugal
    13. Rhum Clement
    14. Clear heart Rum
    15. Manila
    16. Cruzan
    17. Pampero
    18. Coruba
    19. Havana Club
    20. Lamb's
    21. Lemon Hart
    22. Malibu
    23. Military Special
    24. El Dorado
    25. Montecristo
    26. St. Vincent


    Gold Rum – It is stronger than light rum
    Dark Rum – very dark in color mostly used for cooking purpose
    Light Rum – it is sweet in taste and has very light flavor
    Spiced Rum – this rum has a spicy flavor

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    Smile quality of drink

    Guys, I want to drink good quality Rum which is bit offordable, I usually heard of Hercules, xxx Rum, OLD MONK , WHITE RUM. VODKA etc ... all these may be bad or good, are the brand you guys mentioned are costly and are they good in terms of damage it does to body? please throw some light on this?

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    I am satisfied with the above list. Though they are costly it doesn't matter to me because i rarely drink only during parties. Yes i do agree if we drink regularly it would damage our body parts. The alcohol which is cheap and affordable also causes damage.

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    Best brand Rum

    xxx Rum, OLD MONK is good one.

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    Hi guyz…
    I drink occasionally.. My favorite brand is Old Cascade.. India is manufacturing different kinds of Rum.. Some are quite good and some gives headaches.. I have a good list of Best Rum brands in India, I wud like to share with you…
    Following are the best brands in India.
    Old Monk
    Black Fort XXX
    Old Port
    McDowell's No.1 Celebration
    Original choice
    Old Cascade
    Orissa Pride Rum
    Please don’t mix Rum with water… Instead you can mix with coke or pepsi… That will give you a great taste…

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