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Thread: Butterfly poems for kids

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    Butterfly poems for kids


    I am looking for few Butterfly poems for my kids. So that I can teach them few nice Poem while driving them from school to home so can someone give me few butterfly poems. My son loves to sing the poems and rhymes.

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    I know few rhymes. I can share it with you. You can sing this enjoy with him too.
    Butterfly, Butterfly

    1. butterfly, butterfly

    fly in the sky
    butterfly, butterfly
    flies so high
    butterfly, butterfly
    lands on my thigh
    butterfly, butterfly
    motionlessly lies
    butterfly, butterfly
    gracefully dies

    2. Shy little caterpillar

    A shy little caterpillar looked at the sky.
    He hugged a leaf stem and he gave a big sigh.
    The sky and the stem didn't make a reply;
    He didn't not understand and he didn't know why.
    He hid from the blue jays so quick and so sly.
    He hid from the chipmunk so swift and so spry.
    He hid from the ant family living close by.
    "Please, tell us, caterpillar, why are you shy?
    Please, little caterpillar, try not to cry."
    "I'll try," said the caterpillar, "but I am shy,
    I would not be shy if I could just fly.
    I know what I'm going to do by and by:
    I will spin a fine bed and I'll then say good-bye."
    A little wind sang him a sweet lullaby.
    And when he woke up. his wet wings were dry.
    The shy little caterpillar whispered, "Good-bye."
    He flew to the sky and was no longer shy
    Because he had changed to a blue butterfly!

    3. Caterpillar to Butterfly

    The sky was dark, the wind was cold,
    And leaves began to fly.
    A caterpillar, striped with black, said,
    "I must say good-bye."

    "I'll stick my bottom to a stem.
    My skin is getting old.
    I'll change it for a bumpy skin,
    Of brown, alas, no tips of gold."

    The north wind sang a lullaby,
    As snug and safe she lay.
    Then May came, and by and by,
    Her dry skin dropped away.

    So now a pretty insect sat,
    And spread her wings to fly.
    She sailed the sky on midnight wings -
    A black swallowtail butterfly!

    4. Ode to a Butterfly

    Thou spark of life that wavest wings of gold,
    Thou songless wanderer mid the songful birds,
    With Nature's secrets in thy tints unrolled
    Through gorgeous cipher, past the reach of words,
    Yet dear to every child
    In glad pursuit beguiled,
    Living his unspoiled day mid flowers and flocks and herds!

    Thou winged blossom, liberated thing,
    What secret tie binds thee to other flowers,
    Still held within the garden's fostering?
    Will they too soar with the completed hours,
    Take flight, and be like thee
    Irrevocable free,
    Hovering at will o'er their parental bowers?

    Or is thy lustre drawn from heavenly hues,
    A sumptuous drifting fragment of the sky,
    Caught when the sunset its last glance imbues
    With sudden splendor, and the tree-tops high
    Grasp that swift blazonry,
    The lend those tints to thee,
    On thee to float a few short hours, and die?

    Birds have their nests; they rear their eager young,
    And flit on errands all the livelong day;
    Each fieldmouse keeps the homestad whence it sprung;
    But thou art Nature's freeman,--
    free to stray Unfettered through the wood,

    Seeking thine airy food,
    The sweetness spiced on every blossomed spray.

    The garden one wide banquet spreads for thee,
    O daintiest reveller of the joyous earth!
    One drop of honey gives satiety;
    A second draught would drug thee past all mirth.
    Thy feast no orgy shows;
    Thy calm eyes never close,
    Thou soberest sprite to which the sun gives birth.

    And yet the soul of man upon they wings
    Forever soars in aspiration; thou
    His emblem of the new career that springs
    When death's arrest bids all his spirit bow.
    He seeks his hop in thee
    Of immortality
    Symbol of like, me with such faith endow!

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