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Thread: Good contemporary Hindi novels

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    I have read classic Hindi novels by Premchand and plays written by Mohan Rakesh and I found both the writers just out of this world. Now I want to read good contemporary Hindi novels. Can someone please suggest me the names of some good novels or novel writers of today?

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    Some good Indian writers of today, alongwith their novels are:
    Ravindra Kaliya (ABCD)
    Swadesh Rana (Kothewali)
    Vibhuti Narayan Rai (Daftar)
    Pramod Kumar Tiwari (Chiju ka Patal)
    Sushma Jagmohan (Sandese Aate Hain)

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    Hi Friend,

    Premchand was not a hindi writer and so when you read him you must be ready to taste the urdu flavour in his classics.

    Next Mohan Rakesh, If you feel he is out of this world, then better read any english novel or anything as for he is one of the great piller in hindi literature. Without him you can't imagine the real class of hindi literature.

    I think you are mixed with Hindi and Urdu. Actually Hindi is a very new language and it accepts al languages in it's own form so very often people get confused with anything they find in Devanagari Script, and they treat that as Hindi. Now your prroblem might be that you are not able to understand the real Hindi well. And only solution for this is to read more Hindi. Osho's Books in Hindi.

    You can go through these books as I am sure if you like good books with god stories you will surely like it.
    01. Chitralekha, 02. Sukha Bargad, 03. Suraj ka saatvan Ghora, 04. Aadhe Adhure

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    Premchand was both a writer of modern Hindi and Urdu literature. He was writing in both Hindi and Urdu.

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