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Thread: Medical universities of Russia

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    Medical universities of Russia

    Hai friends,
    One of my friends wants to do her MBBS in Russia, can anybody help her list of medical universities in russia and also kindly her should she go through any entrance exam.

    Hope you guys will reply as soon as possible.

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    Well, that's a good choice to study abroad..Here are a list of universities in russia for further studies..
    * Russian state medical university.
    * Volgograd State medical university
    * Kursk state medical university
    These are the best universities in Russia..
    Good luck!!!!

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    First of all let me congratulate you and your friend on your decision.
    Russia has become increasingly popular as a destination of higher studies (especially fields like Medical, Engineering etc) amongst International / Indian students alike due to its internationally respected standards of education (with European equivalence) and extremely affordable costs (this due to the fact that all universities in the Russian Federation are Government universities hence, subsidized by the government ).
    But this led to the sprouting of many self proclaimed agents looking to make a quick buck, luring students with admission into the prestigious Russian universities. These are agents with no knowledge of admission procedures in India and Russia, neither do they have legal knowledge which is necessary for promoting medical education. One should have updated knowledge of Medical Council of India Acts and Amendments. These 'promoters' have never been to The Russian Federation and cannot give accurate counselling to the student about the Education system, facilities, rules and regulations, climate, food, language and other relevant and important information.

    Highly concerned by this, the Consulate Generals of the Russian Federation in India (Dept. of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, Government of Russia) decided to appoint an organization who would have explicit and exclusive authority to guide students from India into Universities of the Russian Federation and unanimously agreed upon EduRussia for the same (in consultations with the Universities themselves)
    EduRussia has been the pioneer in guiding Indian students to Russian Universities for more than a decade now. More than 3000 of our students have successfully graduated and are now practicing as doctors in India and around the world.
    For free information and counseling please contact us on +91.9920.868.727
    You may also view our website www.edurussia.in and email us at edurussia.in@gmail.com.

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