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Thread: Calcium rich foods in India

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    Calcium rich foods in India


    I know that the calcium is must in our food chart, which helps you to have a stronger bones and teeth. I have a 4 year old kid and hates milk so much to the core. He runs all around the house as soon he sees me getting milk for him. I am worried about this health, can someone suggest me with few other alternatives for calcium rich foods which is available in India.

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    I guess the various dairy products has a lot of calcium content in it..like Yogurt, ice-cream, cheese etc. There are also a list of non- dairy products like the potatoes, brocolli, onions, carrot, cauliflower, spinach, beens etc..fruits like apples, grapes, blue berries etc. If your son still troubles you, just cook the vegetables and feed him with. I am sure that these foods are highly rich in calcium..

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    Hey Dear!
    Don’t worry every cute little kids are like that once they cross 2 years. They become playful and not concentrate on eating food. I have also experienced the same problem with my daughter who is 5 yrs old. I suggest you few foods which is rich in calcium. Milk is one of the best rich calcium foods according to my opinion. Since you are telling he runs away from having milk go for fish paste, white bread, cheese, omlette etc… Also you can grind cashew nut, badam, dry grapes mix in milk and give him Calcium rich foods in India. Am sure he would definitely like it……

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