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Thread: Tatkal passport hyderabad

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    Tatkal passport hyderabad

    hi friends

    I am from Hyderabad I want to apply tatkal passport online I am trying to get the appointment date but still I could not succeed and there is no other way to apply for tatkal other than getting online appointment date. but really tired of trying it. when I go to passport office department they say me take appointment and come and they never respond properly many brokers come forward to do passport but I am really afraid to do it with them many people cheats so please advice how to get tatakal passport

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    Hey there..
    If an applicant needs to obtain his passport under the Tatkal Scheme, remember that you need to have a verification certificate as per the specimen at ANNEXURE F should be submitted along with the TATKAAL fee. As per the Tatkaal Scheme the candidate shld submit the following documents.
    * Electors Photo Identity Card
    * Income Tax Identity (PAN) Cards.
    * Driving License
    * Property documents like pattas etc.

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    Address Proof


    I have voter id and Gas book only with the current address.
    Rest of the documents like driving license do not hold the current address.
    Are these okay for tatkal application? Pls suggest.

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