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Thread: 10 qualities of a good father

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    10 qualities of a good father

    Hello people

    My child is 7years he is very very naughty and never listens me or his mother words. He is an only child to us so we don’t want to hurt him by beating or scolding. I want my child to grow in a good manner for that I want change myself. Anyone help me with some 5- 10 good qualities to be a good father
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    Every child wish that its parents should be very kind and affectionate..Follow the basic tricks of attracting and building a successful relationship with your child.
    * Try to talk to them in a soothing way.
    * Be friendly and affectionate.
    * Correct them when they go wrong.
    * Never give up your children.
    * Love them when they hurt you.
    Spend time with them.
    Follow these I am sure that you will be a great dad.

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    Being good parents is very big responsibility than any other responsibilities. Here I give you some of the tips for being good parents.
    - Identify good qualities in your children.
    - Communicate positively with your children.
    - Make time daily to spend with your kids.
    - Listen attentively to your children.
    - Involve children in household activities and family trips.
    - Protect your childrenís safety.
    - Be willing to change.
    - Donít argue with your spouse in front of the children.
    - Do not allow your children to disrespect you or your spouse.
    - Tell your children you love them.

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    Smile Qualities of a good father

    * Supportive
    * Sets guidelines
    * Teacher
    * Good provider
    * Moral guide
    * Role model
    * Patient
    * Lives the way he wants his children to live
    * Good listener
    * Remembers what itís like to be a child and honors his childrenís feelings

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