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Thread: parenting tips for parents

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    parenting tips for parents


    I am work going women I have 13 years old son I just want to know about parenting tips for me because it will help me to behave with my child and also many parents

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    Hi there...
    Firstly, you need to b friendly with him /her , b careful when you scold him or advice him coz they might take it wrong or it might hurt them some times so b carefull when you speak to him . in general b simple and direct but polite :-)

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    Here I give you some of the website link kindly go through that you might get some ideas.


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    Smile how to beahve your kids

    Parenting is a tough job, and in today's society being a parent is harder than ever.
    The first step to building and maintaining a connection between you and your children is to make sure you take some time out of every day that is time for them alone.
    Designate family time. These are activities that everyone loves.
    Make sure to keep up with what interests your children. No matter how hard you are trying, if you bring home a toy robot, and your child is into Mesa model building, you will end up distancing yourself.
    If your job takes you away for long periods of time, be sure to call, email or talk daily. Make a point of keeping in touch with who your child is hanging out with.
    Take care of your health and yourself.
    Avoid the situation of saying "I'm in the middle of work can it wait or I'm working can we talk about this later."
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