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Thread: Divorce After 2 Months of Marriage

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    Divorce After 2 Months of Marriage

    Hey everyone,

    I got married last two months back and I never feel that he never loves me. And I was able to find out from his friend, that he was in love with a girl who was his best friend from they know each other from a very long time and they girl, Whom he loved never understood about his love. I tried asking him about this and we had to argue about this and he was having His personal diary and crying thinking of the girl I am very confused what to do weather to get divorced or make him understand and leave a happy life with him I can understand how much he would have loved the girl. And I donít want to miss such a person in my lifeÖ
    need some best suggestion about this please help meÖ Please tell me what to do?

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    Hey I think that you must try to make him understand and leave a happy life with him. I donít think you will get such person in life. Just to be honest even I am a guy is very funny and at the same time it makes sense. I have seen and heard many stories about love. I am confused what to tell you and about him, please try to make him understand. My Best wishes to you and my suggestion for you is Please Donít apply for the Divorce and I donít think it is possible to get the divorce in 2 months.

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    Has our friend advice, kindly donít apply for divorce, you try to make him understand about your love, take him outside like, some functions, tourist place something like that, show your love to him as much as possible. Adjust with him for some days, and then easily he will understand about your love. Donít take decision like divorce, this is my kind advice.

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    Hello Dear Friend,

    I understand you are passing through a bad fase of your life but hey Dont loose your Confidence and self esteem. Dont be nervious be brave. Try to support him, understand his point of view sit together and talk a lot i am sure problem and differences will be sort out soon. f not feel free to call me or send me one email here akdas12 (at ) yahoo.com cell No. 9742020288 ok now smile please.

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    love before wedding is very common. and not forgetting is also common.
    it tough but if the guy is not cheating over you. try to build intimacy and he will change with love and affection you show. work out on this.
    do not involve parents for sometime they will messup things

    there are so many people who dont even know about thier spouse past love and they dont even know that their spouse still remember past love this is common all over world.

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    I wud suggest you not to go for divorce..

    Its jus 2 months for your marriage..
    It is really hard to forget the loved ones..

    It will take time for him to forget her..
    My suggestion is give him time to get back to you..

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