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Thread: 13 Months Old Baby Food

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    13 Months Old Baby Food


    I am House wife, Having a 13months old Baby I'm worried about his foods, As per doctor advise i have to give him only limited foods. But my Mother in law is advising me to give everything. Can any one tell me what kind of food Can i give for 13months Baby please.

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    You can try all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Just make sure you cut them up in baby size pieces that even if they were swallowed whole, wouldn't cause choking. Watermelon is fun at that age too. Crackers are great too, and the occasional cookie. The foods you select should be easily chewed, and swallowed, and cut into baby bites.

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    Since baby is 13 months old you cannot give him anything other than solid foods, milk is a better than compare to any other food, so I advise you to give milk, which is healthy for a child.

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