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Thread: Funny experiences in life

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    Funny experiences in life

    Hey guys I had many funny experiences in my life. I want to share many but now Iíll share one experience with you guys.
    When I was in school I participated in a relay supporting blue group. When I started to run my friends & my teacher encouraged me by shouting my name Reena reena reena, but I thought some one is calling me so I stopped running & asked what???????

    Guys even you share your funny experience with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well people, I am just a beginner for driving. I was supposed to take my sis for a ride, I thought she is already sitting behind me, and I started to to move forward, where she was actually not there, and I kept on talking, but there was not even a single response from her side, and I just turned back to see her, Oh my god!! She wasnít there. I was wondering why were people laughing at me, later I realize wat was the reason behind it.
    Hope this experience was humorous to an extent guys.

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