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Thread: Aam ka achar recipe in hindi

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    Aam ka achar recipe in hindi

    hi friends
    Now it is mango season. I use to prepare pickles. but I don't know to prepare in north Indian style mango achar can anyone share the recipe. so I can try to do it

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    Well, I would like to give you the complete method of making a mango pickle in north Indian style.
    The ingredients .
    Raw mango 1 kg (8-10)
    Turmeric powder 2 tbsp.
    Mustard oil - 100 grams
    Maanthy - 2 Table spoon
    Asafoetida - a quarter teaspoon
    Red chilli powder - Table spoon
    Soanaf - 50 grams (2 Table spoon)
    Yellow mustard 2 tbsp
    Salt - 100 grams (3 Table spoon)

    Firstly, wash the mangoes thoroughly, and soak it in water for 12 Hnte. Now chop the mangoes as per the desire pieces. In a pan add some oil, with asafoetida, Haldi powder, Maanthy, Soanaf, you can now add some salt to it. And add red chilli powder, yellow mustard and spices to it.
    Marinade it in a glass or plastic container filled, ensure that you keep it for 5-6 days in the sun and let down once per day over the pickle.
    Further add some oil in the marinade so that the marinade are drowned in oil.
    Now the delicious pickle is ready to eat.

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