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Thread: Abdul Rashid Khan Stones Into Schools

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    Abdul Rashid Khan Stones Into Schools

    Hi Friends

    This pooja here, I am fan of Mr. Abdul Rashid Khan, Recently his book has published named
    Stones Into Schools. Can any one tell me more details about this please.

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    Hey Pooja,
    Stones into Schools traces the CAI’s efforts to work in a whole new country, the secluded northeast corner of Afghanistan. Mortenson describes how he and his intrepid manager, Sarfraz Khan, barnstormed around Badakhshan Province and the Wakhan Corridor, moving for weeks without sleep, to establish the first schools there.

    Stones into Schools brings to life both the heroic efforts of the CAI’s fixers on the ground—renegade men of unrecognized and untapped talent who became galvanized by the importance of girls’ education—and the triumphs of the young women who are now graduating from the schools. Their stories are ones you will not soon forget.

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