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Thread: How to deal

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    How to deal

    We got married just 4 months back.We were staying in Bangalore and even my brother in law was staying with us.Now my husband came to UK before 1 month and now i took 2 months leave and came to UK then we will be going back to india .
    My marriage is a love +arrange marriage but his parents agreed bcoz they had no other option.So this is the first time from last 20 days we are staying alone.My inlaws were not very happy when i was coming here ,they always wanted to stay my brother in law with us so that they will have at least somebody to keep an eye on me.

    Now after going back again my brother in law will be shifted with us ,i dont want to somebody between us again.
    I am so happy here staying alone with my husband.I understand family responsibility but this starting days of marriage(quality time)i will never get back in my life.
    Mainly bcoz my BIL is very interfering specially in the kitchen.

    How to deal with this situation,please advice.

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    Hai friend,
    I can understand your feelings, since you are newly married couple you likes to have some privacy and wants to stay alone, but in Indian culture it is not possible to some extent. When you return from UK try to make your husband to understand about your feelings and try to avoid your brother in laws to interfere in your personal matters. If you tell your brother in law donít want to stay with you, again your husband family members will create some problem, better for some days you adjust with him, because after that if he get married, he ll be having some responsibilities, then he wonít interfere in your life, better you adjust for some day, since yours is love marriage there is no other go, try to convince yourself and be happy.

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