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Thread: Priest Etiquette

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    I live in RI and I am planning a wedding in Boston/NH area. I have a question about priests. My mom has inquired about the charges for priests and they say that you pay them what you want. We don't know what are the changes for a priest for the main ceremony, griha shanti and mandap/mahurt. Would anyone know?

    Thanks for the help in advance

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    It's b/w 5000 to 15000 bucks. May vary according to your requirements.

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    Hey niranjan,

    In all the Christian weddings, the presence of priest is mandatory; because, he will be conducting the mass and other spiritual activities in the marriage ceremony. A special invitation is required for the priest, might be a week before the occasion you can give the invitation card. When my sister got married we gave the priest 5000 Indian rupee. But i do not know how much it may cost now. Since its been 4 years she got married. Some priests will have definite fees, but some donít. Each priest will charge different amount.

    Hope it helped!!

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