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Thread: Akbar And Birbal Stories

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    Akbar And Birbal Stories

    I wanted to know the story of Akbar and birbal... help my kid in knowing the rich Indian heritage...and has a good value and a moral too...guys please do help me in knowing the complete story of akbar and birbal...
    Thank you ....

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    link above would help you in knowing the Akbar Birbal stories in brief ....and there are the others moral stories too in dis link.. you can tell your kid various types of stories....A small suggestion telling stories helps your kid to have deep sleep.. try telling stories to put your kid to sleep...

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    About books for kids!!

    Hi !!
    If you are residing in chennai ,I can recommend a very good Online lending library there,U can say that it is a treasure for all book lovers.They have aal the books ,educational toys ,educational cd's for kids .Their service is excellent and very prompt. As far as the Akbar -birbal books,they have hordes of them.Do visit their website for more information-www.panditlibrary.com.

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