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Thread: Attitude Dance Academy Bangalore

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    Attitude Dance Academy Bangalore

    My name is geethika , I am basically from Bangalore I love learning dance, listening to music etc .Recently I heard about this unique dance academy (up to my notice it is unique) named "attitude dance academy " i would like to join them . would any one suggest attitude dance academy in Bangalore plz...

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    Hi Dear..

    As per my opinion. Its Mind Blowing Dance institute. Its starts from the age of 3 and till the age of 18, They conduct the Dance classes like Ballet, Jazz/Hip Hop, Company. And also the classes starts from this June.

    Attitude Dancers Sarah Martin, and Jessica Govern both received 1st Place Trophies for the dances they competed with. Both of these girls did an amazing job!

    If you need more information Please go through this website


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