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Thread: Fancy Dress Ideas For Kids

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    Fancy Dress Ideas For Kids

    hi friends,

    I am Marina, This my sons first year of School. He is participating in Fancy dress competition help me with your creative ideas to dress up my 31/2 year old son like any item for a fancy dress competition. please I am eagerly waiting for your replies..

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    Hi Marina,

    you can try dressing him up like a pencil. prepare a cap which looks like pencil head with pencil nib at the top. you can prepare a long dress or may be straight top and bottom with same color like any of the pencil color. you can use cloth which has different colors linings like you see on a pencil.

    This is some thing unique Hope you liked it...

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    Hi thanks, a lot for that idea it really worked and he also won I was looking some idea and wen I was searing for it. I read this conversation between you guys thanks a lot to marina for asking for Fancy Dress Ideas and priya for repling for that and giving her suggestions. Coz of you guys he won 2nd price in the fancy dress competition.

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    Fancy Dress Ideas For Kids

    There are numerous ideas for dressing kids, but thing is kid should be comfortable with what he/she is wearing and they should also have the capability of speaking at least few words on their costumes. Here is the list of fancy costume ideas which will be apt to every kid.

    >Dress up like a flower using colorful craft papers and glitters for preparing petals
    The same way u can also dress up like vegetables using same tools and make speak you child telling, save the earth, Go green.
    >If it is she dress up like an angel with complete white costume.
    > Dress up like a great politicians and National leaders.
    > Dress up like a comedy celebrity which will easily attract people and your child has a chance to win the price.
    > Dress up your child with Regional costumes
    > Army man – slogan inquilab zindabad, jai hind
    > Sage
    > Dress up like Lord and Goddesses
    > Dress up like fame professionals
    > Dress up like Cartons, such as superman, Power angels, batman & Pokémon

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