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Thread: Feeding Bottles Brands In India

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    Feeding Bottles Brands In India


    My son is 6 months now Dr advised me to start bottle feeding. I dono how to keep the bottles hygiene can any suggest me. Which are the good brands available in India I really dont have any idea.

    I was advised to purchase a Sterilizer also. Has any1 tried it? My pediatrician has suggested me to boil bottles for 20 mins & nipples for 3 mins & they are to be kept in a separate air tight container which is filled with sterilized water. I used to keep them in fridge .

    Am I doing right or pls let me know sum other ways to ensure hygienic & safe bottle feeding.

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    I usually clean the bottles with hot water immediately after the use and put in sun light to dry it up. I have never used sterilizer as I have heard that it is not good for plastic bottle.

    So, as I am doing pretty general thing with the bottles I am not sure what else you can do with bottles but maybe you might want to think about water you are using for making formula...I usually use separate vessel which I do not use for anything else and boil water for five minutes, Than I cover it up. And after every use I try to clean it up pretty well....So, I would say if you think that you are doing most with the bottle thing than maybe you want to think in this direction as well....

    The Brands: Johns and Johnson, Camera, Pigeon etc... I think these brands are too good and you will get in the market easily...

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    hi rani

    i dont understand how a doctor can advice for bottle feeding ....

    its not suggested in our MEDICAL BOOKS ....

    i suggest mothers here ... NEVER use bottle feeds ..... if u have to give milk to the baby then -boil nicely n give by spoon in either half lying postion or sitting position ... NEVER IN LYING position ....

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