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Thread: Preparing Teens For College

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    It is a very natural part of growing up teens leaving for college. At this cusp of adulthood and independence, parents play a significant and active role in facilitating this transition and preparing teens for college.

    Factors contributing to the success, delay and/or failure of this preparatory activity include asking yourself and others, including your teenager a couple of tough, honest questions:

    1. Are good study habits well entrenched and developed successfully?
    2. What is the nature of your teens own self-discipline, self-motivation, responsibility and independence? For example getting up in the morning without you insisting on it!
    3. Ability to establish and maintain a healthy hygiene routine, eat healthy meals, make good nutritional choices without you
    4. What is the nature of your teens problem solving capability, would they know which steps to take, act with discretion, decisiveness, conviction and appropriateness
    5. Are they successful in balancing priorities, school work, social life and extra-curricular activity, are they committed and goal-oriented?
    6. How does your teen feel about leaving the home, living away from home, leaving for college?
    7. What is their level of self-sufficiency, doing laundry, looking after their health, seeing a doctor when necessary, and medication?
    8. What is their level or comfort with organizational tools and planning, planners, schedules, day timers, reminders?
    9. Have they done any research about the implications of leaving for college, financial funding, and what about fiscal responsibility?
    10. Do they respect authority, communicate their needs effectively, responsible for the actions and their consequences?
    11. What is their level of maturity and readiness ? Would they be able to leave for college?

    Asking all these questions address important issues surrounding leaving for college.

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    thanks for the tips.
    It's working
    Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!

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