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Thread: Please help me people

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    Please help me people

    i m a widow, with 2 kids: a boy 15 and a girl 9
    I have started feeling that my kids are no more in my control. They sit and chat on social networking sites for hours and get rebellious if i interfere.
    Is dis common wid the teens?
    How do i handle my kids? Plzzz help me people plzzzz.

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    Hai madam,
    I can understand your feelings; you need not to get afraid about this, because it is very common among teenage children, present generation everyone are very much addicted to face book, orkut and so on. They will understand their responsibilities by them self. You no need to force them to do any things. If you do so they may get frustrated, this leads to anger fighting and so on. So kindly try to handle your children smoothly.

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    Smile Advise

    I can understood your problem but I think It is very common, so there is no need to be worried about this problem because you cant stop your child that stop working in social media sites.

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    This is more natural in kids. but don't take very easily because some time they get addicted into it. keep them busy wid other small interesting works or make them play and try to keep away from i.net

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    hey tanya...

    whether it is common or not is not the issue here...

    Pls ask this question to urself "the kids are rebellious with what?"...

    be surprised to find that they are rebellious with u

    01. controlling them
    02. interfering

    pls avoid either of this... the facilities are there to use... let them use... if u learn that they misuse, again help them to realise what they are into... kids at this age look parents as their friends and not as parents... if u can become a friend to ur kids at this point of time, it would do a lot of gud to u and ur kids...

    dont let this trouble u a lot...

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