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Thread: Role of parents

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    My son is 16 years old. I want to know what are the roles of a parent for their 16-year-old child? Do I need to set the rules in his life?

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    Hi Shikha,, I think u need not to set rules in your child's life. Always try to maintain a healthy friendly relation with your child. Don't be rigid or rude with your child. A friendly approach toward's your child wiil definately help u out.

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    Hi Shikha
    I found this interesting article by Ashish rajpal (iDiscoveri Education) on the role of parenting...

    Hope you enjoy it..

    Abdicating parents let their children be, do not impose any rules of significance, and are disconnected from the changing lives of their offspring.

    Authoritarian parents try to stretch the rules of childhood into adolescent parenting by becoming stricter, more rigid, and invoking frequent punishment.

    Authoritative parents on the other hand, while setting clear and consistent rules of behaviour, also explain the basis of decisions and include teenagers in the making and keeping of rules.

    Research shows children from authoritative homes are more competent in school and less susceptible to adverse peer pressure, than children from the other two backgrounds.

    My personal view is that ahead of everything else what may help is reflection, communication and engagement of the changed reality. Reflect that while children were still children you could get away with a huge gap between espoused and practiced values — the gap between what you said and actually did. Now their piercing eyes ask about your own habits, your own health, your own body, your own morality. The mid-life crisis of meaninglessness which confronts many parents, is exacerbated by a brewing storm in that ‘one meaningful relationship’ you took for granted.

    Finally, nothing matters more than meaningful challenges to engage those expanded minds and bodies. Soft skills are bankrupt without hard ones. Climbing a rock, building a boat, writing a software program, weaving a basket, playing the flute, learning to dance. It was not without reason that in almost all traditional societies, adolescents were guided into the professions of their parents. While there is considerably more choice of professions and skills available to children today, what is often lost is parents’ participation in this learning. Theoretical classroom instruction with little room for use of hands and body or creative thought, imprison the mind-bodies bursting with energy..


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