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Thread: Motivational Tips For Teens

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    Motivation is very important to achieve any thing in life. Here are some motivational tips for you and your teen as well.

    If you know someone who seems to be organised at revision, ask them how they do it. Pick their brains and copy their technique!

    Give yourself rewards e.g. Revise a topic in the evening then reward yourself with a chocolate bar or a break to watch TV.

    Think about what really motivates you. What do you like doing? Find one thing that really interests you and you'll get into the habit of wanting to learn.

    Be realistic about what you can achieve. There's no point in getting upset if you can't get an A at chemistry if your usual grade is a C. Focus on trying to get up to a B instead.

    Team up with your friends while you are revising. If one of you is having a bad day, the others can encourage them and get them motivated again.

    Always finish things. If you keep starting essays or blocks of revision and don't complete them, you end up thinking you can never get anything done.

    If you get a bad mark, keep it in perspective. You got one particular thing wrong, it doesn't mean that you're rubbish at everything.

    Take a look at the BBC's Sport Academy site to get inspired. David Beckham, Paula Radcliffe and Denise Lewis are all experts on dedication and staying focused.

    Get stuck in! You'll often find that whatever you've been putting off isn't as bad as you thought, and doesn't take that long.

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    Hi, thanks for the tips.

    Motivation is the first step to success of a task.
    One must understand the importance.
    Thanks again!!!!

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    Hi.......thans for giving such a nice tips.........

    Motivation is must for person to be succeed in life....person should also learn self-motivation because this will help them in future.

    u hav done a great attempt by this...
    i wish that teenage will follow these tips.

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