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    my friend`s mother is become very strangely these days.she has some sort of problem from past 8 years.she is talking to herself in the name of others saying that he r she shouting at me,teasing me,saying stories to me like so many...she`s imagining that every one (neighbourhoOd ones,relatives even her mom n dad) teasing her n underestimating herself.she always used to blame her husband for everything he did n scolding of every action of him.she`s imagining that her husband is having wrong affairs.she is not taking any medicine given by her husband n son not believing them.so is now become violent against neighbourhood ladies thinking they are teasing her.she`s not even coming to the hospital(blaming doctors too).WHAT IS THE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM?

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    please show her a psychiatrist as soon as possible, Her misunderstandings on others will be away when u consult a good psychiatrist. he/she will help her in this case. don't be late.

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