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    my friend`s mother is become very strangely these days.she has some sort of problem from past 8 years.she is talking to herself in the name of others saying that he r she shouting at me,teasing me,saying stories to me like so many...she`s imagining that every one (neighbourhoOd ones,relatives even her mom n dad) teasing her n underestimating herself.she always used to blame her husband for everything he did n scolding of every action of him.she`s imagining that her husband is having wrong affairs.she is not taking any medicine given by her husband n son not believing them.so is now become violent against neighbourhood ladies thinking they are teasing her.she`s not even coming to the hospital(blaming doctors too).WHAT IS THE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM?

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    Its real embracement for your friends family, I think she has some problem inside the family, like time given by her husband might be less, her childrenís arenít responsible and to my knowledge she doesnít need doctor but she needs some sort of affection, love, caring and all the other things which a women requires in her early 40ís. So ask your friend to care her and also avoid being shouting or screaming on her for whatever wrong things she does. Make her happy and see, within a month or two there will be some changes in her activities.

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