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Thread: How to make Anarkali suits

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    How to make Anarkali suits

    People, I like to sew chudidars but not often, now I wanted to learn to stitch Anarkali suits online. Can someone help me by getting me the links related to it???

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    Hey sure
    Even am learning tailoring online and even my mom help me in cutting and markings. Anyways I have shared the link as per your request below just take a look at it.


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    Anarkali suits are one of the most popular and highly admired dresses of India. Usually these suits are preferred by women for special occasions such as marriage and festivals. The bottom of the suit will usually be a push up pant and the top will be almost like a frock with tight fitting in the first half following the umbrella pattern. To learn to stitch, check out the videos online for clear ideas. Hope you stitch are very beautiful anarkali suit, all the best.

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    Anarkali suits making

    For women, Anarkali suits are more popular than anything. When their relatives get-together or when it is someone’s wedding, Anarkali suits cannot be avoided. Use smooth, thin materials like silks or chiffons or even georgettes to make this. Anarkali suit construction:
    • For 1/6 round neck + 1/2” - 0 - 6
    • For 1/2" - 4 – 5
    • For 1/6 chest +1" - 0 – 2
    • For back Neck depth (standard = 3”) - 0 - 7
    • For half shoulder - 0 – 4
    • For 1/4 chest + 1" - 2 – 3
    • For front Neck depth (standard = 6”) - 6 – 8
    • For Ό waist + 1” - 9 – 10
    • For waist length minus 2” - 0 - 9

    Steps for doing:
    • Use two cloth materials
    • Lining cloth needs to be same colour like main cloth
    • Do calculate body measurements
    • Then cut on marked lines and keep draft spot on
    • Fold cloth in reverse so that 2 selvedges becomes on top
    • Make two ends also like this
    • After marking cloth outline, leave 1” cloth to sides
    • Half” cloth needs to be towards shoulder, armhole, neck
    • As lining cloth & main cloth are cut, stitch them together for curves and sides
    • For lower part, take cloth and fold that 2 selvedges
    • Using measurements cut these two cloth pieces for using it in the back & front

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    This design of Anarkali suit may sound traditional but it stays to be elegant and gorgeous out of all trendy designs. Low cut neck with heavy jewelry bewitches the onlookers eyes when this gorgeous cut Anarkali suit is worn. To design it on your need to stitch the bottom portion in the similar churidar pattern with more gathering at the ankle joint. Churidar pant need to be slender at the lower portion of the leg as you see in leggings. But the hip and waist joint should be loose to help move your leg flexibly. For the top of Anarkali design you need to have large cloth piece for more gathering. Well it should be more than five metes cloth to give it an ideal look of Anarkali design. Measure the bra line at the bottom portion of your body then mark it over the cloth piece. Now cut it separately then stitch the rest portion to it with more gathering.

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