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Thread: Tips for New Teen Drivers

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    A drivers license and/or owning a car is one of the biggest responsibilities your teenagers may have. Here is a list of things they should know how to do before they go out on the road - complete with what should be kept in the car for emergencies.

    1 Pump their own gas
    2 Check and add oil
    3 Check the brake fluid
    4 Check location of spare, jack and lug wrench
    5 Change a tire
    6 Add windshield washer fluid
    7 Check the car's coolant
    8 Learn how to jump start the car
    9 Learn how to take off and put on windshield wipers
    10 Practice left hand turns
    11 Practice three point turns
    12 Prepare an emergency car care kit:

    Before your teenager actually uses their kit in an emergency situation, have them take some time to familiarize themselves with the items they've collected and how to use them properly.

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    If a teen(who doesn't have a permit) is driving with his parent in a parking area, can cops ask questions?

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    Yes, cops can definitely ask questions. This is because parking area is a public place.

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