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Thread: Indian Bridal Makeup:How to Look Your Best in Front of the Camera

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    How important is your wedding day makeup? This is your day to shine. You'll enjoy your wedding album for years to come, and you want to be sure you love the way you look. A wedding makeup artist understands the subtleties of photographic makeup. You don't necessarily have to wear a lot of makeup. It's how it's applied that is critical.
    Consider using a professional make-up artist. They are trained to understand camera lighting and angles, and how to accentuate your BEST features and minimize others. HOWEVER, always do a “test run” before the wedding day!

    When it comes to doing your make-up, don’t fall victim to the saying “more is better”. Use the same shades of make-up that you normally wear and don’t make any radical changes to your looks. Remember, you want to ENHANCE your looks with make-up …not cover them up!

    Your wedding day is one day when you want to keep your face shine to an absolute minimum, especially since you´re going to be photographed all day long. Be sure to keep a powder compact (not loose powder, which could spill onto your dress) nearby throughout the day, either in your own purse or with a bridesmaid. Make sure you tell your professional make up artiste to ONLY use photography makeup (matt look), as else this will cause reflections from the flash on indoor shoots.

    The biggest piece of advice we can give to any bride about her makeup is to hire a professional makeup artist, one who is familiar with how makeup will look on camera. Sometimes makeup that looks great in person is magnified and over exaggerated for the camera. It's important to hire someone who knows the subtleties of makeup and how to make it work with the camera. After all, the pictures are how you will remember your wedding.

    Make sure that you bring along a small make-up bag to “FRESHEN UP” during the day. All you need is some translucent or pressed powder to absorb any shine and some lipstick. If you’re outside taking pictures, bring along some blotting paper which works great to absorb moisture without rubbing off your make-up.

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    hi niranjan..great tips..
    ,,dear....can u give this type wedding tips for boy'z...coz in comming feb i'll b marrege.plz suggest me

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    can you please tell me what the cost is for someone to do hair and makeup on wedding day in hyderabad and recommend someone.thanks lorel

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    Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wedding is a real big occasion and it is not strange to look good atleast on that day.There are lots of options available for the public today and it is a question of choosing the right make-up for the occasion. The right person should be used for this purpose.Styling hair is the most important thing today and can anyone let me know the best hair stylist in city today ?

    thank you , bye to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I completely go with the above answer .. you should choose right people for makeovers, i found this site very interesting www.renukabridaldressers.com , chk it out .. all the best

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