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Thread: dealing with a stubborn child

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    dealing with a stubborn child

    Hi mothers,

    I want your help I have a kid who is very stubborn and he is only 4 year old. Whatever we tell him he never listen us and he always does opposite to want we tell him to do. And I need some help from you and can you share some tips to deal with a kid like him?

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    I think kids are kids even if we try to control even if we try telling them they wonít listen to us. The reason they are simply born with minds of their own so itís better to leave them in their own way. Try to be free with them do not them what to do, they will learn on their own and itís a nice feel when we share it to our friends and families itís a very nice memories to be remembered.

    And the few tips which you wanted.

    1. Keep in mind that your requests should be reasonable.
    2. When parents feel the situation is worse. Do the Unexpected things like going for a treat. It is not a reward for his bad behavior but to reestablish their relationship with their child.
    3. See the world through their eyes
    4. Do not over react. Instead of shouting, explain your point of view, calmly to your child.
    5. Identify the problem and to find a solution involve your child. In this way, he will not treat you as enemy.
    6. Give your child respect. Our upbringing makes us equate respect with fear.

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    This will help you all in understanding your kids better.

    I am sure that this problem is faced by every parent all over the world! In initial stage of our parenthood, me and my husband really had a hard time handling Arjun, my stubborn baby boy. But after sometime, we realized the approach, which we have used and the results we got were surprisingly positive!

    We decided to first understand and analyze what our child wants and whether his desires are fair enough or not. All kids want is something, which they can relate to. For instance, Arjun always used to get annoyed whenever we took him out for shopping. He never liked any apparel and he also used to get annoyed pretty quickly.

    One day, when we took him to Gini & Jony, famous kids wear showroom, he didn’t misbehave at all! In fact he was having a great time back there! We were pretty surprised by this and we then realized that Arjun liked this place just because he was able to relate himself to it! After this incident, we have become more conscious about his feelings and we don’t ignore his likes and dislikes.
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