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Thread: Tips For Parents To Help Their Children Avoid Teen Pregnancy

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    As parents, we struggle so that our children can have a better future, a good education, a job, and, of course, happiness. In this country, that future has been affected by an alarming rage of teenage pregnancy. More than 3 out of every 5 Hispanic [young] girls become pregnant before age 20. Truly, this is a delicate issue, but who better than us, their first teachers, to guide them through this important moment [time] in their lives? They themselves say they prefer for their parents to talk to them about this subject.

    I hope the following tips help you guide your children to good decision-making throughout their lives and, also, to avoid teen pregnancy.

    * Let's leave behind old-fashioned ideas that prevent us from communicating honestly with our children: let's talk to them openly - girls and boys - about love, relationships, and sexuality.
    If you think talking is not easy, you're not alone; there are many parents in your same situation. If your adolescent acts like a "know-it-all," don't get discouraged. What happens is that it's just as difficult for your teen to discuss this subject as it is for you. The fact is that your kids want you to be the person who talks to them. After all, parents are their children's first teachers, and, therefore, children trust their parents.

    * Let's start talking about sexuality from an early age, and often.
    Children are curious about their physiques. If you begin to explain to them step-by-step the changes that take place in their bodies, then when the time comes for a more detailed conversation, it will be less uncomfortable for the both of you. You could also talk about his/her feelings, since the child is developing physically, emotionally, and socially: he/she is getting to know his/her own self and [his/her] role in the world [society]. Don't wait for your child to grow up in order to have a one-time conversation. Think that life is a school and that you, the parent, are the best teacher.

    * Let's supervise our kids' activities without forgetting that they are no longer kids but rather, young adults who need a certain amount of independence.
    At this age, your kids go from being children to being [young] adults. There will be times when they may act childlike by sleeping with a favorite stuffed toy or by collecting sports cards, and there will be other times when your adolescent will rebel when you begin to set limits [for going out] and curfews. Keep in mind that this is their most social time; therefore, acquaint yourself with their friends (remember that theirs is a powerful influence.) If you approach your son/daughter in a calm and fair manner, he/she may understand that your sole interest is in protecting him/her.

    * As parents, we have the right to know with whom our children go out.
    When children enter adolescence, it's up to parents to supervise their social lives. In doing so, we have little choice but to set certain rules. We should advise younger teens to go out with their friends in a group. And when the time comes for dating, we should recommend they do so with kids their own age. We could explain, for example, that girls who date much older boys expose themselves to even more pressure and risk finding themselves in dangerous situations like undesired sexual contact.

    * It's good that we know what our children see, read and hear.
    Television, magazines, and radio may contain messages that could confuse and even harm young people. Be up-to-date on the information your son/daughter is receiving, and take advantage of these moments to clarify such messages. Sometimes a simple comment can bring forth an important and productive conversation.

    * We must help our teens set goals and explore options for the future.
    Ask your kids about their interests, what they want to be, what they want to accomplish. Help them understand the consequences that positive - or negative - things can have on their future. Explain to them that, especially in this country, an education or trade and some financial independence are important if they want to reach their goals. Also explain how an early pregnancy could have negative consequences, because they would be responsible for caring for and supporting the baby. If you help your kids see the potential outcomes of their decisions, it's more likely they will make good decisions now.

    * Let's realize that a parent's job is never done.
    No matter what age, in one way or another, children will always need their parents. Cultivate a good relationship with your kids by treating them with love, patience, and respect throughout their lives. When parents and their children get along, they share more than love; they also share a good sense of communication.

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    thank u very much for your suggestions

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    follow the rhythm, know the right timing :)

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    Motherhood is the greatest achievement in a woman's life. The better fertility [chances of pregnancy] occurs between 18 to 23. After 23 to 25 years of age, the fertility drops down slowly. By 30, the infertility increases to 90%. Where as in Men, sperms are produced upto the age of 75. For Girls, Age is more important than career. Infact individual career is not manditory for Girls unlike for Boys. Prevention is better than cure. Better avoid teen girls flirting with boys prior to marriage. Nowdays late marriages are rapidly decreasing the fertility in girls. Getting married at an earlier age between 18 and 22 to a very well settled and good hearted guy who earns more money is the best career and safest measure for a Girl. Also better and safe to avoid anti-menstrual and unwanted pills.

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    Women can accomplish a lot of things and definitely would not be willing to be tied down to motherhood and live the rest of their lives...

    Teenage is when girls are just approaching a little maturity and its not the right age for them to become mothers at least mentally and emotionally...

    Physically the earlier you have kids the better but then there is a lot of responsibility going along with it .. s

    So its important to teach them and guide them ...

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