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Thread: Damaged passport replacement India

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    Damaged passport replacement India

    Hi guys,
    I am from Singapore, I came to india to see my relatives, now my passport got damaged, I am not able to see my name, I want to replace it, so can anyone tell me what are the procedures should I follow, kindly reply me as early as possible, because I want to return to Singapore by next week, I have official work which is very urgent, hope you guys will reply me.

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    It is easy to get a damaged passport replaced, if your passport is damaged it takes six to eight weeks to get replaced, in tatkal scheme it might take seven to ten days to replace your passport.
    For replacement of damaged passport, you have to apply as like new, you have to submit all required documents like:

    Two passport size photographs
    Damaged passport.
    Address proof
    Educational qualification certificates photocopy
    Date of birth proof
    Notary for loss of passport (another notary is required if applying for tatkal)
    An urgency letter for tatkal

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