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Thread: debate topics for kids

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    debate topics for kids

    Hey people,
    I am teacher and we are planning to conduct a small Debate competition in our school. And I want to know which topic will be the best one for them this completion is for from 3rd to 5th standard. And I have selected few topics and I want you people to tell me which topics will be the best one for them.

    • Are video games good for Kids?
    • Are school uniforms good or bad idea?
    • Are kids expected to perform chores around the house?
    • Should there be any zoos in the world?
    • Public school vs. Private school
    • Will computers replace teachers?
    • Which is better, television or books?

    Please select some good topics from these and tell me which will be the best for them?

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    I like the Topics which you have chosen for the kids, I don’t know whether this is the best idea. But ill suggest you to write all the topics in a small paper and shuffle all the topics. And tell let them select one topic and ask them to talk for 3-4 mins relating to the topics.

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