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Thread: Effects of Television on children

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    Effects of Television on children

    Hey people, is there anyone who can give me a brief note on Effects of Television on children??? Next week I have an essay competition in my school, I have collected few points, I want some more interesting and attractive points from you guys, please do the needful as soon as possible.

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    Ohhhh is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fine I have shared few good and bad effects of television on children below just make note of it.
    Television has become a necessary idiot box today; it affects the child both positively and negatively. As parents are the role models for their children, it is equally important that you should be in a limit watching television, to set an example for them.
    Bad effects:-
    *Watching television leads to failure in academic performance.
    *The child shies away from mental and physical workout.
    *sexual contents, which is harmful for their mental growth
    Good effects
    *Television also keeps children aware of current actions and news
    *Quality shows like quiz and some educational related programs help children to motivate their IQ
    *It helps a child in spending time with family members.

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    The child is referred for antisocial way of life with all that it implies and causes.

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