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Thread: How to Handle Mother in Law Problem

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    I've been married in a joint family. Our house is small and contains only two rooms. My mother-in-law makes my sister-in-law sleep in my room during night. I tried speaking to her about it and told how this was harming our married life. plz help!

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    did u talk to ur husband? u shud make clear that a married couple can not share the same room with anyone else. Talk to your husband. he will definitely understand.

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    Hi, How can you tolerate such type of behaviour? does ur mom in law sleeps with ur father in law?your husband dont have any problem in this?????
    you should speek to ur mom in law directly and should say v straight fwdly tht married couple needs privacy and if she wants she can ask ur sis in law to sleep with her.
    monika gupta

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    HI dear,

    You have to be strict in this regard. i dont understand how mother in law can be so insane..
    Talk to her and say that this cannot be tolerated at all..tell your husband to talk to your father in law.

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    hi Rakhi...m very much shocked after hearing dis..ok tell me how much old is ur sister-in-law if she is mature den u can directly tell her abt ur problem dat u want to spend time wid ur husband bcos u cant tell it to ur mother-in-law directly...nd discuss dis matter with ur husband nd tell him abt ur feeling nd all dat..does ur mother-in-law sleeps with ur father-in-law?

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    My situation is much worse. Sometimes my mother in laws sleeps with us in our bedroom for A/C.
    Ive talked to my husband regarding this and he feels very delicate to discuss about this to his mom.
    That is the only time i get to talk to him and to share my feelings after he comes from works.
    Rest of the time his mother is with us during daytime so i cant talk to him in private.
    She is a widow and takes advantage of us due to that reason and stays with us and intrudes our privacy all the time.


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    Hi Rakhi and Riya,

    Feels so shocked to hear about this!

    I don’t know how people are like this. A woman can understand the problem of another woman well. But in your case, that’s not so. They are that much aged people and elders in the family. How crooked they are? Can’t they understand the feeling of you? The only solution to your problem is – talk to your MIL or SIL personally about this. Do not ask your spouse to talk to them. This will in turn create another issue.

    @ Rakhi – ask your hubby to take a rented home.

    @ Riya – send your MIL on a pilgrimage tour for some days.

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