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Thread: 22 carat gold price in india

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    22 carat gold price in india

    Hi Friends..

    I was working in Dubai for past 5 yrs, I thought of purchasing some gold ornaments in Dubai itself. But my mother in law said compared to Dubai India price is very reasonable Could any one tell me the Actual price for 22 carat gold...

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    Hello Mam

    Its absolutely Hike price is in India, I really dont know how your M. in law assumed like this And also I dont know how much does the gold costs in Dubai In India it is Rs.1885 (22K/1Grm)

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    I think, it is now 28K for 11.7 gms

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    You can follow the gold price in India from this page:

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    Hi All,

    Current rate of gold in India for 1gram is Rs. 2550.00.. I think the gold rate has been came down recently.

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