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Thread: aggressive teenage behaviour

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    aggressive teenage behaviour

    Hi All

    I need a suggestion in fact a kind of solution to to tackle a aggressive teenage behavior. I am class Teacher for 7th Std in a Pvt School in my class one of my student is there who is very arrogant in speaking always arguing for every small issues. I did all the way to come her in line but no use she is as same kindly any one suggest me

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    As a teacher u did everything. But for that special kid you should give more attention and more love to her. She needs that. May she feels no one likes here so she is behaving like that But in every evil mind there is a softcorner So talk to her openly wats her proble, Wats bothering her, And also ask her wat she requires hope if we talk to a person open mindedly problem may solve easily just try it..

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    Ignore all the bad behavior.
    Praise all that is good and the praise bring out examples of bad behavior, previously ignored.

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    Praise him and ignore his rude behavior

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