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Thread: Study in France

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    hello friends

    I want to go France for my higher education. Can anyone suggest me about the best universities of France. Also suggest me various courses offers by France universities ?

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    Hai, fren,
    Here are two top universities in France with the courses they offer:
    American University of Paris
    Course offers are:
    14 Undergraduate Degree programs - Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Finance, Art History, Literature, Computer Science, Culture, Film Studies, French Studies, History, Social Sciences, Business Administration, Communications, International Economics, Politics, Psychology. 5 Graduate (Master) Degree Programs.

    INSA Lyon
    Course offer:
    Masters of Science, Advanced Masters, PhD, French intensive summer school, Erasmus Mundus Master of Mechanical Engineering

    Some other reputed Universities are liked:
    College of France
    Ecole Normale Super
    Ecole Polytechnique
    University of Bordeaux I
    University of Grenoble I
    University of Montpellier II

    Have a great day..

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    4 new majors for ECE Paris Master’s Degree in Engineering

    The non-specialised entry policy put in place 2 years ago with the creation of sectoral options during the final year of the engineering programme is from 2011 being supported by the transformation of these options into real majors over 2 years.

    An Energy & Environment major, a Financial Engineering major, a Health & Technology major and a Transport & Mobility major now make up the offering, alongside the 3 existing majors : Embedded Systems, Telecommunications & Networks and Information Systems.

    Each major of ECE Paris Master's Degree in Engineering covers a wide technological field. This permits students to study the field in more depth, while developing a general overview of digital technologies.

    Employment opportunities are more varied because they match the current needs of companies who are mostly recruiting engineers with solid scientific foundation knowledge, who can work with several kinds of technology, are able to manage ambitious projects and learn about tomorrow’s technologies easily.

    ECE therefore offers a total of 7 majors over 2 years.

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    France keeps a good reputation among the steady abroad countries the way the serves the international students with valuable education. There are a number of good universities and colleges in France and some of them holds rank in world's top universities list. You have to refer the below blog post to get some useful info:


    All the best

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