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Thread: How To Make Children Responsible Adults

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    Hello friends

    My 13 year old son is very naughty and he has no understanding about his career and life. I want to make him a responsible person. Can anyone suggest me some tips on how to make children responsible adults ?

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    Hello dear

    Here are some easy tips while applying you can make your children responsible adults

    Be confident of your rightful authority as a parent, and insist that your children respect it.

    Remind yourself often that you're raising adults, not children.

    Teach the great character strengths:

    Teach your children the four great pillars of civilized dealing with others: "please," "thank you," "I'm sorry," and "I give my word".

    Realize that "no" is also a loving word,

    Make your children wait for something they want, and if possible make them earn it.

    Raise your children to be producers, not consumers.

    When your children leave home for college or any other place, tell them: Do not forget that God is watching over you

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    Let a child have a wonderful childhood and guide them nicely to be an educated, responsilbe adult who can stand on their feet and be responsible members of society

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    I thing both harish n NY is rite.........u hav to follow their suggestions.........
    m sure this will work in making ur child a responsible person of future..

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    hi "gurjar"
    if your child is an average student then don't force him to be a studious one.you can't make him earn gold medal in studies , so why to worry?
    explore other aspects of his personality and may be you can find a "GENIUS" out of your child.
    Remember, that no child is born with the best qualities in him, it is you who cultivates the qualities in the child as per your needs.
    So, be a nice and capable parent and don't spoil your child's mind by pushing him "just for studies" or he will be good for nothing.

    try to be positive at him!

    all the best!!!

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    Habituate children to respect elders and teachers
    Encourage them to read moral stories like Panchatantra and other inspirational stories.
    Help them to recite religious epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bible, Quran etc.
    Ecourage them to say "I',m sorry", "Thankyou", "Please" etc.
    Do not encourage kids to tell lie
    Sow the seeds of patriotism and humanism in them
    Teach them significance of traditions and customs.
    Teach them thanksgiving and helping nature
    Allow them to build positive and broad mind
    Let them know that "To spend money is easy, and to earn money is tough"
    Tell them that "If you work hard today, you'll be happy tomorrow"
    Do not pamper kids, as pampering can develop sensitive mind
    Encourage them to read news papers and watch news on TV

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    Treat your son as an adult and try to understand him..

    Teenage is one of the most challenging phases in their life, So ease them into adulthood by making the transition smooth..

    Keep a monthly allowance and don't budge under any circumstances..This will help them understand how to use money..

    Let him do his work himself.. Don't do his chores for him..

    Ask him to chart out a timetable and set aside time for studies..

    Don't be too judgemental..

    It is a passing phase but sure can make you go crazy.. Let not your anxiety get carried over to him,,


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