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Thread: Shyness

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    Question Shyness

    I have a 2 and a half year old son. he is very talkative and naughty at home with the members of the family but when I have guests at home or we visit our relatives he turns very quiet and shy. Iím very much worried because boys of his age are not generally this quiet. Should I consult someone or this is normal? Please help me.

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    For Heaven's sake - the child is only two & a half, what do you expect from him? Koi bhi bachcha sab tarah ka behaviour seekh kar paida nahin hota. He needs time to learn - give him a break.

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    Hi dear,

    You need not worry. Its not anything very abnormal. You just need to try and socialize him more. I think
    you should put him in a preschool where he can meet kids of his age and mingle with them. This way he
    can meet new people and overcome his shyness. My son went to Eurokids International when he was
    2years. I had the best experience with them. Iím sure your son will love the environment there.


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