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Thread: Real Finishing schools in Chennai-urgent

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    Could you please give me the name and contact details of a good and authentic finishing school in Chennai? I have tried searching in the web but in vain. Thanks!

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    Hello diyagrace

    Can you tell me about type of finishing school for which you are searching?

    Are u looking for finishing school in IT sector?

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    Hi! No i do not require a finishing school in the IT sector. I would like to know schools for girls (preferably short term courses) that would equip them with skills helpful later on in life.

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    Hello diyagrace,

    3Edge Solutions is a good finishing schools at Chennai. The contact address is as

    3Edge Solutions
    1, Whites Road
    Chennai-600 014
    Phone no. : +91-44-4551-0222
    Email : [email]info@3edge.in[/email]
    Contact Person : Ms. Preethi - 044 45510222

    Bye ! !

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    Hi it's me again! Could you give me the details of another finishing school? i tried contacting the previous one but their curriculum was computer-based. The course i am looking for is not for computer skills but for general skills (it is usually a girls' course) like housekeeping, personal grooming, speaking well, posture, cooking and the like. i tried searching the net..all i found was Good Shepherd Finishing School, which is in Ooty, and not in Chennai. Please help!

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    Right Step Finishing School at Chennai will fulfil your requirement of a short term finishing program for the younger generation. It is not a computer oriented program, but one to equip youngsters with life oriented skill sets.
    Contacts are Tel: 45036434
    Website: [url]www.rightstep.co.in[/url]

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