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Thread: Mother's Maiden Name

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    My maiden name was "Spencer". I like this name very much and thinking of using it for a baby boy. would it be too weird, bcoz I've a large family with this last name. My husband also likes it but I just wanted ur opinions!

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    No it wont be wierd. As this will give you a chance to use your previous sirname and ur husbands last name together in the form of son which will help you to shower more love upon him.

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    Generally the format of representing a person's name is

    [family name] [person name] or [person name] [family name]

    Family name is used to identify a person in the society. It should be unique. If a person bears two family name simultaneously, socially and legally it will become uncertain to which family he/she belongs. Most commonly the children bear father's family name and not mother's maiden name. It is a deliberate and standard plan of sustaining family system. Unfortunately women of these days, owing to their empowerment, are violating traditions and customs by insisting on their maiden names even after marriage.

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