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Thread: Places to See in Karachi Pakistan

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    During this id festival, I am planning to visit Karachi, where one of my relative lives........can anyone tell some of the most famous travel destinations and tourist spots of Karachi Pakistan. During my this visit to Karachi, I also want to cover all pilgrimage places of Karachi..........so plz list me the travel destinations and pilgrimage places of Karachi................ I want to make my this visit to Karachi, memorable one !!!!!1

    Thanks, khuda hafiz

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    hello khansahab

    some of the most famous places to see in Karachi are

    Pakistan Air Force Museum
    Karachi Expo Centre
    PIA Planetarium
    Karachi Stock Exchange Building
    National Museum of Pakistan
    Koocha-e-Saqafat (National Arts Council)
    Pakistan Maritime Museum
    Clifton Oyster Rocks
    Bundal Island
    Manora Island
    Churna Island


    Mazar-e-Quaid - tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan
    Mohatta Palace and museum
    Lady Lloyd pier at Bin Qasim park
    Karachi Port Authority's Water Jet fountain
    Aga Khan University hospital - for its modernist Islamic architecture
    Masjid e Tooba - largest single-domed mosque in the world

    Happy Journey to Karachi, Pakistan

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    Tourist Attractions In Karachi:--

    Mazar-e- Quaid
    Aladdin Park
    Mohatta Palace Museum
    Habib Bank Plaza
    Wazir Mansion
    Frere Hall
    Park Towers
    Clifton Beach
    National Museum of Pakistan
    Three Swords Monument
    Karachi Cricket Clubs

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    oh i see pakistan has some tourist spots too. i thought it has only terrorists and bomb spots (sorry tats my view)...i think u will leave kashmir and live happy as a whole...already kashmir is shared then what's the problem...may i know why u want to dominate and fight and wast time without enjoying peace...did anyone indian mistreat you or do anything wrong against you!!wont you think anything!!

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    Hey you Indiajohns........Your whole generation's minds are washed, thats why you can never be able to understand the Kashmir issue. The Indian govt is just keeping full the pockets and covering everything.....If you want to know the real issue just read out the history and literature of Kashmir issue, and you will see that before 60 years, how your forefathers sell their asses to british people......and other thing you asked about terrorism, so my friend you are very pitiable that you dont even know uptil now that worlds most wanted terrorist organizations are established in India and operated by hindus. this is on the records.......dont be a puppet my boy.....open your eyes and see whats going on.....May GOD show you the right path.

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