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Thread: Hollywood Latest Movies

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    Sep 2007
    hi gyus

    i am very fond of watching Hollywood movies

    can anyone post me some latest Hollywood movies .....


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    Hi Frank
    I am also avery big fan of hollywood movies.
    Check this latest new releases:
    Hatchet, Shoot' Em Up, December Boys, Randy And The Mob, Good Luck Chuck, Into The Wild, The Darjeeling Limited, The Game Plan, Resident Evil: Extinction and some others are comin' up.

    Have a good day


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    Oct 2007

    i love to watch Hollywood movies! I really want to go and see Resident Evil: Extinction.
    Can anyone tell me if it is worth it?
    I saw its making on TV some days back. Looked pretty impressive! Any other thrillers coming up?

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    Oct 2007
    Hi Veena

    You've choosen a very fantastic thriller. Here is my review of Resident Evil : Extinction

    The setting is this time , in the 3rd installment of the Resident Evil series, a wasteland with landmarks spotting the horizon to remind you that this used to be home, so all the spectacle is left to the actors and the creeps they battle. The emphasis is taken off of zombie shock, as this world is now covered in them, and beyond showing oceans of the decomposing bodies, you get the point. From the new trailers you can see we finally get some zombie bird action, a scene pulled off beautifully and very realistically to my surprise. The feathered fiends swarm and writhe in the air like a pack of bees, spiraling upward before they freefall down toward their fleshy feast. The effect is tense and gruesome without showing birds pulling eyeballs out of sockets.

    Hope you enjoy Alice kicking some zombie hard ass.

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    Oct 2007
    Whoa!!!! They have a birds-turned-zombie scene!!?? Impressive!! Will definitely go and check it out at the earliest!! Thanx for the information!

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    hi guys

    this is frank again

    please list me some famous halloween haunted movies....................

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    Oct 2007
    Hi Frank!!

    I am giving a list of some very popular horror movies. Hope you find your pick among these!

    The Craft
    Exorcism of Emily Rose
    Scream (I think you have a series of Scream movies)
    Scary Movie Series (If you want to laugh it off!!)
    What Lies Beneath
    Blair Witch Project
    The Ring
    Sleepy Hollow

    Hope this helps you out! Catch ya later!

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    New York City
    The Dark Knight is probably the Hollywood movie I am most anticipating. It is going to be amazing!

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