I am married for 2 months and I have started facing the usual mother-in-law problems. She is very egoistic and wants everything to go according to her wish. I am a working woman and she is adding on more and more house-hold work as days are going on. I hardly get time to take rest on weeknds and she leaves entire cooking and kitchen work on me over the weekends. And thats not all end of the day she picks up some silly mistake in my work and proves in front of my husband that i dont have any interest in carrying out house hold activities. My husband says that so much of work can be easily done because she was also a working woman once upon a time. He doesnt think even i get tired after travelling back home for longer hours. When he speaks so i get a feeling that he wants me to do everything at home which in turn makes me feel that he has married me just because he needs a helping hand to his mother. But he is very caring and attends all my needs. I am really confused on how deal with my mother-in-law and Husband.
Please help me to overcome this situation.