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Thread: Dressing my children as Radha and Krishna

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    I adopted both my children from India. I want to keep them aware of their roots, homeland and its culture. In a recent meeting for Adoptive Parents with children from India, I came to know that it is Janmashtmi soon in India. May I know at what date? I want to arrange a fancy dress competition for all the children adopted from India and living in US, where they will have to dress up as Hindu deities Radha and Krishna. Now, what I want to know is how to dress my children as either Radha or Krishna. What do these dieties wear and are there specific things, accessories or emblems associated with them that can help my children look more like them?

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    To costume your child as Krishna, his age matters the most. Infants to toddlers can be made to wear a small dhoti for kids with thin golden border (sewed up versions are available in the markets, so you don't have to worry about how to tie them and can be worn as easily as shorts. Then, a child can wear a headband with a peacock feather attached, little sidewards. Some homemade whote butter can be put around child's mouth to look as if Krishna was stealing butter (which was his popular gimmick as a child). Little older children can wear a short Kurta with dhoti, a headband with peacock feather in place and a waistbad with a long flute in golden color, as Krishna is known to play flute very melodiously. Radha can wear a lehenga (easily available in the markets), position the chunni over the head of your daughter, as you will find in many photos easily. Make her wear a lot of golden accessories and jewellery such as earrings, necklace, anklets, lots of colored glass bangles and 'nath' or nose ring. She can carry a clay pot on her head to depict as if she is going to fetch water from the river.

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