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Thread: Mumbai Preschool suggestions

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    Mumbai Preschool suggestions

    I was wondering if any Mumbai moms out there have preschool suggestions?? If yes please suggest with a few so that I can find out the closest one for my 2 year old! And also if you could share your personal experience!


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    finding right preschool

    Selecting preschools for one's child is a difficult task. Word of mouth reference and reading reviews online does help, but paying a personal visit and exploring the school's website would also provide you with better insights of the place where your child would be spending and cherishing the very first learning (schooling) experience.

    Popularity is a strong factor for many parents in selecting a preschool. Many localities have preschools that are considered the “best” and have long waiting lists. Do remember, you are looking for the best preschool for your individual child. Always keep your search focused on what is best for your child. Who knows, this mindset may even lead you to a different preschool than one your friend’s child attended. Please do not allow popularity to cloud your feelings for what is best for your individual child.

    Consider several factors while finalizing a preschool - distance to commute, batch timings, teacher's understanding on early education, safe and hygienic atmosphere, outdoor area, meaningful (educational) toys, curriculum philosophy, etc.

    If you are looking for good preschools near Matunga-Wadala area, do visit Leapbridge International Pre-School at Sion East (next to Shanmukhananda Hall).

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