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Thread: Scope for Testing engineers in C

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    hi all

    I am currently working in Testing field i.e for unit testing . i joined as a fresher having one year experience . i would like to know is there a scope for testing in embedded field .
    i am wishing to switch to development side but i will have to join as a fresher again .
    i am in a confused state . should i continue in Testing field for C.

    if i grow my career in testing will it helpful.


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    hi dear

    Why u are not trying in software development......... I think there are wide opportunities in software development as compare to software testing

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    thanks for suggestion .

    i am working in bangalore . how to go to development side as i dont have experience in that ..

    kindly give me some tips

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    Hi nagesh

    There are wide opportunities in open source now a day. U can switch yourself in to software development or web development in field.

    Software development: In C/C++ on Linux
    Web development: PHP/MYSQL on IIS or Apache Web Server

    Hope this help.........

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    hi shra

    thank you . i will try out for development ..

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    Thumbs up Scope for Testing engineers in C

    Hi, Scope in software testing is as wide as you can think. As every company from smaller to MNC is incomplete without Testing engineers. So just don't think too much..it's the right path you are following.

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    Known to my knowledge testing and software/web development is the most excellent career option for engineers. This field has huge vacancies in both nationwide and worldwide, so donít hesitate things and sit dumb, continue the testing career and in your leisure time take up latest additional courses on 3d-4d development, PHP, ASP.net & Oracle.

    I come to close by telling, if the current pay is good continue the testing job, if not do the course as mentioned above and join development team, as u are a fresher initially u will not get placement in the MNCís, donít bother join a small organization learn things well and promote yourself a higher after 6months or a year.

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    Testing has a lot of scope all over India in all MNCs and start-ups.
    Without testers, no company runs.

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    I have completed in mac but project in asp.net but i have work in company is teasing in c level is very but i have some purpose of the details information about the field change or not.

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    Hi Disilva,

    I am sorry I am not able to understand what you are actually trying to tell kindly, brief me..

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