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Thread: How much to dress up for my farewell party

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    I am in 12th class and we will have a farewell party this year. Ours is a girls school and our theme is 'Saree'. All my friends have different opinion on how to dress up for a farewell party. Since we are about 17, some of the girls think that they will like all the way to have a makeover to look as glamorous as possible just like a model, perhaps because when we will be leaving school, boys school across the road, will end at the same time and boys will of course want to see the girls all dressed up and may be pass comments. They have an opinion that it is no reason not to enjoy the best and last school day of our lives to the hilt and let them see and tease as much as they like but at least we will get a chance to try everything, we girls have wanted to try, but were not allowed to, in school. But I feel, perhaps, wearing a simple saree with a thin golden border and minimum makeup is good enough for girls of our age and that acting too model-like will be embarassing. At least, this is what I read in all those beauty tips. Yet, I so want to try the best saree of my mum and her best accessories too and show off my best face to my friends on the last day of the school. I really don't know what to decide. Is anyone going through the same phase or remember this moment of their lives and what are their suggestions about dressing up for a farewell party?

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    You can look graceful, glamorous, gorgeous and still honorable at the same time. Resist the temptation of wearing too heavy saree, jewellery or accessories and makeup as they do not go well with delicate faces and looks of young girls. You are right in choosing a single color saree with a thin golden border and light delicate jewelry for your farewell. Avoid deep necks or sleeveless blouses too. Pin up the saree well so that you can move around and enjoy the party easily and gracefully without tipping over it. Wear high heels.

    You can add a touch of glamour by doing your hair in a funky bun above your head to accentuate your neck. You may choose from other styles that suit your face and figure too. If you have short hair, get them cut and straightened, as they look trendy these days. You may get temporary streaking done for the day but try it out well before the party to check whether the color you choose for streaking goes well with your skin, hair and eye color or not. Wear base well and then use natural shades on cheeks lightly, natural pink or brown lipstick, black or brown eyeliner for eye (unless you are very fair, then you can use gray), wear lip gloss and use mascara generously. You will look lovely and yet not overdone.

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    Farewell Dressing Tips

    First thing that you should decide on the type of the saree that you’re going to wear. Select the latest sarees which are available in the market. Ensure it is not too heavy and too grand. You should look pretty and different among your friends, because it's the final day and the last get together of your life. Do Simple makeup and jewels that follows with your saree color. Cute hairstyle and best lipstick as it highlights your beauty during your speech.

    All these things should suit you and you should be the center of attraction among the others. So make sure you fulfill it by taking it seriously. Just look lovely, gorgeous, awesome, sweet to get the best compliments.

    Keep Smiling!

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