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Thread: Home Remedies For Constipation In Babies

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    I have a 10 month old baby.She is mostly bottle fed.She has vegetable soups and Raggi Kaanji.But always she finds it difficult to pass stools.I have just started her with solids.Does her food pattern need to be changed. Pls.advice

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    Take a look at the website [url]http://naturalcoloncleanse.com/[/url]

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    Home Remedies for Children's CONSTIPATION :---

    * Constipation can be prevented and relieved by eating
    fresh fruit and vegetables. These foods are rich in
    natural fibre which works rather like an intestinal
    brush, sweeping food swiftly along the digestive

    * As a precautionary measure include plenty of pure
    fruit and vegetable purees in your baby's diet.

    * Give a little prune juice to a constipated baby. Pour
    boiling water onto a handful of organic prunes and
    soak overnight, then, strain and give by teaspoon or
    in a bottle.

    * Alternatively, give baby a little strained and diluted
    freshly squeezed apple juice.

    * If you are breastfeeding, drink at least 6 glasses of
    mineral water a day, and supplement with fresh fruit
    juice such as apple or grape. The gentle laxative
    effects will be passed on to baby.

    * Some babies become constipated when they start on
    solid foods. Introduce one food at a time so you
    know which one is causing the problem. Unripe
    bananas are a common cause of constipation - their
    skins need to have gone black before babies can
    digest them properly. Eggs also have a binding effect
    and should be avoided until baby is 12 months old.

    * Drinking too much milk can often lead to constipation
    in children. Try to replace milk with water and
    diluted fresh fruit juices. Rice and oat milks also
    make refreshing substitutes for cow's milk. Offer
    apples, pears, grapes, raw carrots and sticks of celery
    to young children to munch on as snacks between

    * Replace white bread, biscuits, cakes and commercial
    cereals with wholemeal bread and pasta, brown rice
    and' muesli-type cereals.

    * Make an infusion of Liquorice or Ginger Root,
    sweetened with plenty of honey. Give your child sips
    of this 2 to 3 times a day until the constipation eases.

    * For stubborn constipation you could also try giving 1
    teaspoon of powdered linseeds. These could be
    added to cereal or soup.

    * Gently stroke your child's tummy in a clockwise
    direction. For children over 5 years old, make an
    aromatherapy massage oil using Marjoram, Black
    Pepper, Rosemary or Hyssop (singly or in
    combination) - 6-10 drops to 30 ml of Avocado oil.

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    you should give her choti harad after rubbing on stone with water.

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    There are many causes of infant constipation. One of the most common causes of constipation in babies is the introduction of solid foods.

    Breastfed babies are rarely constipated as breast milk is almost 100% completely digested and utilized by baby's growing body. Breast milk leaves little "leftovers" to cause constipation. Many breastfed babies do have infrequent bowel movements however this does not mean that they are constipated.

    Formula fed babies tend to battle constipation more often than their breastfed counterparts. Unlike breast milk, formula is not as easily digested nor is it as completely absorbed and used by a baby's body.


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    Constipation in babies is common when you have introduced a new food especially a solid one..It is also more in kids who are formula fed..

    Boil water with some crushed kismis or raisins and a pinch of saunf.. Cool it and feed this in a bottle or with a spoon to your child an hour after giving the solid food...

    You can also give fruit juices like orange, musambi etc without adding sugar and adding boiled and cooled water to dilute it...

    If you baby has got teeth try to give her raisins to chew...

    Warm water with half spoon sugar and ghee in the morning is also good for constipation..

    Make sure you feed her enough liquids in the morning to see that her motion is soft...

    Mashed bananas are another good option...Basically see that takes enough of fibre/ water to compensate with the starchy food..


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    Home Remedies For Constipation

    Hello I am also new here but I have Home Remedies for Constipation to share with. One of the best home remedies for constipation is to drink eight to ten glasses of water each day. It is extremely important to make sure your intestines are working well. You should keep water next to your bed when going to sleep and drink it first thing in the morning and Avoid eating dry foods. Instead, your diet should contain sufficient quantities of oil in it. If you want more tips on Home Remedies for Constipation just visit this site http://homeremediesforconstipationsite.com/. Hope this site will ease your constipation problem.

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    You known what, most first-born babies will have these kinds of problem. It is because mother would most probably be novice. More than that, she won’t even knowing what babies problems are and how to tackle them. As you said your baby has stools passing problem, her food patterns need to be changed. Also, natural remedies can sort out baby’s sickness. Check for remedial measures with doctors. Most of them says that bowel movements not having may'nt be a problem for four or lesser days.

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    The digestive system of babies will be very delicate so a little change in the food can affect them badly with constipation causing lot of irritation. So whenever you choose a new food for the baby first give a little and check whether the baby digests it easily. Since your baby finds difficult in passing the stool just give a slight rub to its stomach and even try body massage with good oil.

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    As a doctor I would say that Constipation is actually caused due to low fiber diet, when the amount of fluid intake is less it occurs, and an important reason can be absence of physical activity. You can follow the below mentioned food habits, check it out.
    • Feed your child with foods that are rich in fiber and give lot of fluids.
    • Avoid feeding them rice, bread products, bananas and some processed foods.
    • Give them juice in the morning times.
    These simple remedies will protect your child from constipation.

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    Babies having constipation is quite a common case which should not be taken lightly. Better stop giving any solid food. Prepare hot boiled water and bring it to room temperature. Pour the water in a feeding bottle with add of misri or candy sugar. Allow the misri to dissolve before feeding the baby. You have to feed frequently the water to the baby. Else lukewarm water is enough to get rid of constipation. To avoid constipation in future you should provide more water if you happen to give solid food to your baby.

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