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Thread: childrens day poems

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    childrens day poems

    My Aunt is running a play school, this Nov 14 they are celebrating childrens' day very splendidly, am taking part in few competitions also I would like to give greetings for the childrens' present at play school… so I need few of your help by getting me the childrens' day wordings and poems.

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    HOOO sure!!!!
    Children are the future citizens of the country; the forthcoming of the country depends on the present children.
    This line above was given by our late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. His birthday is considered as children’s Day. He has given much importance to the childrens', so let us all be pride to celebrate this auspicious day with lots of love, thoughts and joy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Children are all new and full of energy
    Bendy and fresh with no worries at all.
    They sing and dance with boundless freedom
    whilst growing so very, very tall.
    The years go by so quickly
    that it's all over in a trice.
    It’s a good job I had (......)
    So I could do it twice.

    Oh for a son
    when my head is bowed
    and years have lined my face––
    A stalwart son
    with a gentle heart,
    where I still hold
    a mother's place.
    Oh, for a son
    when eyes grow dim
    and memories recede––
    A spirited son,
    a steadfast son,
    who sees but does not
    fear my need.
    Susan Noyes Anderson


    HAPPY CHILDRENS’ DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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